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Thread starter mrsteve Start date Aug 30, After looking through some of the crayon drawings from my younger years thanks Mom of birds, biplanes, and Ford Model As I was not able to understand the true reason for the lack of higher forward velocity with gyroplanes. Does it come down to drag?


If that is the determining factor, can drag be lessoned or does structural integrity come into play. My crayon drawings showed me that higher powered biplanes Anitov AN-2 could carry more weight and go fast at the same time but I also realize that power to weight ratio can only go so far. Sure you can put a horse power motor in a model A car and make it go to the end of a dragstrip but it would never fly very far.

The amount of fuel alone needed to go farther would be prohibitive. I look at gyroplane spec sheets that show vne of mph to mph but cruising speeds of 80 to 90 mph. So what exactly am I missing? Inept minds want to know. Total Flight Time stopped caring at All conventional rotorcraft are limited by retreating blade stall, as the forward translational speed and the rotational speed are working at cross-purposes on the retreating side of the rotor disc.

Gyros don't push that limit too much because driving the rotor with airflow from forward motion is really, really draggy, and it's hard to go fast enough to get into that problem. Structural issues don't often come into play.

Thank you WaspAir now I can move forward with my idea of mounting a wet dry vac. The weight of the extension cord will eventual become a problem as you fly farther and farther. All the patients received clopidogrel.

david anitov

During their stay at hospital, venous blood samples were collected twice before and days after continuous clopidogrel inta Twenty-eight strains of group A streptococci GAS isolated from patients with lacunar and fibrinous-necrotic forms of tonsillitis during its 1st or recurrent episode were tested for presence of genes of erythrogenictoxins A, B, C, and Fusing PCR assay. Obtained results allow to consider that clinical features of the disease severity, repeatedness, clinical form can be determined by toxigenicity of GAS.

Express identification of S. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Death from several snake bites]. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Diagnostic errors in internal abdominal hernias]. The effectiveness of the enzymatic and mechanical methods for isolation of hemopoietic islets HI from rat bone marrow was comparatively studied.

It has been shown that the use of collagenase brings higher yields of HI than the mechanical treatment of bone marrow, mainly at the expense of associations containing no central phagocytizing macrophages. When the mechanical method of HI isolation was used, erythroid islets associated with mononuclear phagocytes prevailed, while with the enzymatic me Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Cerebral and somatic disorders in alcoholic patients clinico-anatomic study ].

Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Prognostic value of indicators of muscular blood flow in the legs after lumbar sympathectomy]. Adenocarcinoma of the anal canal is a rare pattern accounting for 1.

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Mucinous and poorly-differentiated carcinomas are predominant. The said tumors are highly pernicious, with prognosis being poor even in radically--operated cases.

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Long-term treatment results are extremely unsatisfactory. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Extracorporeal irradiation of blood and lymph]. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Epidemiological health surveillance and the protection of the health of servicemen on the issuance of the Regulation on Epidemiological Health Surveillance in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ].

Zwischen und wurden Thrombendarteriektomien der A. Kriterien zur Indikationsstellung waren: Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Endoscopic papillosphincterotomy in benign stenosis of Vater's ampulla and of the terminal section of the common bile duct in patients undergoing biliary tract operations]. The distribution of cells through the phases of the cell cycle by DNA flow cytofluorimetry was analysed to investigate the effects of UV irradiation on cell cycle progression in asynchronous Chinese hamster cells with different UV-sensitivity: The UV-irradiated cultures show a large accumulation of cells in S phase, the effect increasing with UV dose increase, which may point to an inhibition of the DNA chain el Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Characteristics of x-ray diagnosis of pulmonary hamartomas].

Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Evaluation of the knowledge of students in institutions of higher education]. The article deals with the results obtained in the study of the natural sensitivity of the nature populations of Ixodes ticks to 4 insecticides. As revealed in this study, the ticks are highly sensitive to commercial preparations in different phases of their development.

The selective sensitivity of different species of ticks to these preparations is noted. The effect of the dielectric constant epsilon of the solvent on the yield delta n of ion-radicals during photooxidation of chlorophy-l a with n-benzoquinone was studied by the method of impulse photoconductivity.

It was shown that in the studied range of dielectric constant valve epsilon congruent to delta n monotonously increased with an increase of epsilon the relationship delta n epsilon being of clearly pronounced S-like character with a bend in the region of epsilon congruent to A new native synthetic absorbable antibacterial polyamide thread "Capromed DC" was used for liquidation of the abdominal wall defect in operation for postoperative recurrent hernia.

Anito V Murllor -

The low incidence of complications caused by infection around the non-absorbable ligature was noted. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "[Arteriovenous aneurysm of the internal carotid artery causing varicose veins of the esophagus].

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I am familiar with the area and the ship yard as a submarine crew member and a short time employee of the yard. One person found this helpful. Makes a person think This was a compelling read but a disturbing concept. Anitov was a young man doing as trained and expected but what he did and what he accomplished is scary to think about. I am sure things like this have and do happen and are never revealed but I sort of wish I could bury my head and just not think about it. Anitov was hard to put down. The imagery throughout was excellent, making you feel a part of the novel.

Deremer's approach to the tagedy of the Thresher gives you much food for thought. I look forward to reading more from this new author.