Manual Ghost Mysteries: Unraveling the Worlds Most Mysterious Hauntings

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At the centre of it all stands the old and dilapidated mansion called the Iyer Bungalow which cannot get more eerie. The story navigates the minds of the young reader through the twisted bylanes of Kurseong with the three brave ghost hunters who are , hot on the heels of villains both real and ghostly!!

What we liked: The story is extremely spell binding and the suspense is upheld till the very last page The emotions and fears potrayed by Kartik and his gang as they take each villain and fight them off. The use of simple language makes it easier for the young readers to connect with the characters.

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What inspired you to write the book? I consciously sat down to want to write a good old mystery for children, you know the kind that we as kids used to curl up in a corner all evening and read?

So I wrote down a synopsis, thinking I wanted to make it into a graphic novel at that time, I still believed I could write a complete novel. But the deal fell through and much to my annoyance, brave Kartik, obnoxious Opus and even timid Tashi kept on hitting the walls of my head, demanding to be let out!

Well, so I sat down every morning for six months, switched off my internet and phone and wrote their story. Why Kurseong? I fell in love with drinking tea and I write this while drinking tea when I had visited Kurseong for a tea trip many years ago during my job as a journalist. Since that time, the town has left a deep impression on my heart, so I wanted to go back to the beautiful town in fiction.

List of reportedly haunted locations

That is my alternate profession if I ever quit writing stories! What is it with you and ghosts?

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Each of your novel or short stories has something paranormal. You are right! I cannot write stories with just humans.

Every inch of its shore and seabed has been searched by the authors, Thomas McErlean, Rosemary McConkey and Wes Forsythe, and the riches of its settlements ashore are matched by the discoveries of fish traps, kelp "farms" and the myriad landing places around the sheltered harbour, all of them vested with a vivid sense of human effort. The range, accessibility and visual delight of this book makes it a good companion for the Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape, published by UCC a few years ago.

This is the work of science writer Mary Mulvihill, who is the very model of an inquiring mind. Her six years of research have pieced together a sort of visitor-centre companion for the whole island, full of engaging facts, well-digested and easily browsed, and set into an eager observation of natural history and landscape. Mulvihill is a missionary when it comes to the many unrecognised pioneers of Irish science and technology, especially the sort that did exceptional things with telescopes or bell jars in the non-imperial backwoods of the island.

ISBN 13: 9781416964483

Her book could do great service, almost incidentally, in recruiting the young to follow suit. The Irish sense of place has known many howls of outrage, not least in the lines of Oliver Goldsmith's long poem, 'The Deserted Village', first published in Indeed, she was born "two fields away from Lissoy parsonage", the childhood setting borrowed for Goldsmith's angry parable. Her introduction echoes John Montague and Declan Kiberd in insisting on the poem's continuing and urgent relevance, as traditional rural communities are swamped by dormitory estates and golf courses are made from redundant farms.

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