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There wasn't a lot for the reader to bite into to really get to know either character. Why was Miles in his wheelchair?

Sean & Cassidy KISS (FULL CASSIDY ROMANCE) Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 Romance

I know it was a car accident but no details. What in the world did Tooty see in her one-night stand? I think it would have been worth it for the author to take more time in telling us the full story of these characters. I have not heard other narrations by Ms. She did a nice job. She has a nice range. I would like to hear her perform a YA title. Her voice was perfect for Tooty. This review was voluntarily left by me. Baby Kisses : Verna Clay A sappy sweet story of two people that probably should never even consider a relationship, or it could be that opposites really do attract.

The narration was well done. The characters were well portrayed by Jennifer Jill Araya. I have never listened to Verna Clay and I am glad to have taken the chance! This is the story of Tooty, a 20 year old woman with a 4 year old son. She is determined to make the best of it, and when she is looking for a job meets Miles, an author that she admires. As his assistant, she is able to work and spend time with her son. Miles is 38 years old, so there is no chance of a romance The inclusion of Annabelle's diary makes this romance all the sweeter. Hearing Eli and Annabelle's story is a bonus!

I will now go back and listen to the first two in the series, I have to hear the other couples who find their romance on the ranch! This is my first narration by Jennier Jill Araya and I found her voice appealing. She is talented, keeping her pacing and her voices are easily identifiable. I hope to see more from her in the future. Get a free audiobook. Baby Kisses Romance on the Ranch, Book 3.

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Written by: Verna Clay. Narrated by: Jennifer Jill Araya. Length: 3 hrs and 30 mins. Categories: Romance , Contemporary. Publisher's Summary Tooty Townsend bore a child at the age of Tooty needs a job, and she's swallowing her pride to apply for this one.

Romance on the Ranch Collection (Dream Kisses, Honey Kisses, Baby Kisses)

What members say. No reviews are available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Claire Cute kids Catrina P Now, five years later, she's a widow--a destitute widow. Over the years, her son's friendship with Sage's daughter, Julie, blossomed, and now they're getting married. Wedding responsibilities have temporarily taken Ann's mind off her desperate situation. At the reception, Jackson asks her to dance, once again awakening those emotions.

He makes her feel twenty-one, instead of forty-one. Jackson Martinez has an easy way with women. However, timid Annie sets his blood to boiling. She's older, has a grown son, and probably has an aversion to men after being married to a jerk. When Sage reveals Annie's sad state of economic affairs and says she's looking for a job, Jackson knows his heart is in trouble when he offers her a position running his household.

Little does he know, or anyone else for that matter, that Annie has a secret. Book 3. Now, four years later, she has her hands full raising Harris and trying to make a living.

Reclusive author, Maxwell Henry a. Miles Brightman, is looking to hire a personal assistant while in Colorado finishing up his latest suspense thriller. Sarah Tanner, a friend to both Tooty and Miles, recommended Tooty to the author. Unfortunately, Harris climbed onto the guy's lap at a wedding reception and asked him to take him for a ride in his wheelchair.

Then he asked him to marry his mommy and become his daddy! Tooty needs a job and she's swallowing her pride to apply for this one. Book 4. Because he receives a referral from his friends Sage Tanner and Miles Brightman, he hires a woman sight, unseen. After meeting his "domestic help," he decides Sage and Miles are going to owe him big time.

Verna Clay – Audio Books, Best Sellers, Author Bio | ziovanmosozip.tk

The woman is spoiled, temperamental, frustrating, and yes, occasionally, endearing. Thankfully, Tessa takes to her immediately. As for Dirk, uncovering the woman behind the facade will take patience, coaxing, and a lot of love. Book 5. She has devoted her life to helping others through charity work, but now, at the age of forty-two, she can no longer continue along the same path. Much to the chagrin of her parents, she leaves the trappings of wealth to follow her heart to the small town of Paxtonville in Colorado to be near her brother and his large family.

As for the hero of Christmas Kisses, he is new to the series and carrying baggage from a previous sorrow that almost destroyed him. Similar ebooks.

Dream Kisses

Verna Clay. After being bulldozed into a coffee break with him by her publisher, an embarrassing incident upsets Sarah and she walks out. After deciding her book needs realism, she signs up for "dude" lessons at Lazy M Dude Ranch. Part of the "dude" package included a night of fun at Boot Bustin' Barn. Ann suspects that Sage Tanner, owner of Lazy M, bribed Jackson to dance with her as a way of making her inattentive husband jealous.

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Little did she realize the dance would awaken emotions long suppressed. Of course, she has no outlet for those emotions. Sky Corgan was really striving for something different.

Sky Corgan has 50 Audio Titles. Arthur J. There was improvements on his male characters. Hoyt has 05 Audio Titles. Love Games. Written by Sky Corgan. Read by Arthur J. Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited. Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review.