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Still, remember that that Our Lord revealed to Justine Klotz that it is for everyone, and all who pray it at least once, will be treated like the workers in the last hour! Thus, let us be open to the outpouring of Holy Spirit like the first Apostles were, so as to be filled with most powerful force in the world, the force that brought about the birth of the Christian Church 2, years ago: LOVE. Let us therefore resolve as St. In time, this New Way of Love and New Act of Love will surely spread, many, many souls will find a secure eternity in the family of God, and our own hearts will be a little closer to the Sacred and Immaculate United Hearts of the Holy Trinity, until God is truly all in all, the good fight has been fought, the race has been finished, and the war has been won!

I showed you how little David went to fight with small stones and you have the Act of Love multiplied a thousand fold. I will show you how much it is worth. Souls, Souls! A lamentation of My love! Death must give way to these souls, because love cannot die. The cross had become victorious!

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Indeed, LOVE has conquered, is conquering, and will conquer overwhelmingly…for Love really is most powerful superpower in the world! Prayer Card:. Therefore, spread it and let it be spread. For the time being, secretly.

Love our Girl's Day Out Times. | Family | Sister quotes, Sister cards, Love my sister

It will become a great flame. I promise. You start, with courage! Always add the thousand! It is like a down payment for my love, for which I pledge myself without reserve. I shall not take anything back. No one can lose me anymore. It is for the benefit of everyone. Do not descend the mountain; a summit is formed.

The Holy Spirit is visible in the triumph. It is a time of deceit! With it, no one can flounder. They the apostles were united in prayer, as you are in love. The angels are always present. They too desire showing me their love through their presence. They sing a hymn for the souls, to embellish them with their love.

Oh, if only you could see how they do it. Your love attracts them. Often, there are angels of the highest orders present.


It can join heaven to earth. The Mother disposes of a host of angels which she sends to help her children in the battle. No one is alone in the act of love; there are many who pray at the same time. It is united to my mercy. They are as hands of the clock, going around my heart. They are my heartbeats. Just as my heartbeats cannot be stopped, so no one can stop this clock. To the contrary, it will resound in St. It will spread to the world.

All the world will hear it. It brings light. It benefits all, far beyond death! Only accept the act of love the way it is, for the entire world which has turned so cold. It is the sun; it is light against darkness. There where it is prayed, sin cannot spread. I gave it to you through my Mother; it is a gift, for everyone the same. I want to give you this love. I tell you that Solomon was not robed as well.

The 45 Love is Thicker than Blood Quotes

I will accept all who come to me in this way. I love you so much. For its sake I will open up many cold and stony hearts.

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Mankind has sunk so deeply that only my mercy can save it. Everyone will receive me till all are one. This is an impediment to the devil. Every Act of Love is a blood donation, in the spiritual sense. It allows the soul to breathe. Through my Love, every soul is able to receive Life, which impedes them from dying the eternal death.

Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual and soul searching journey...

With this help, hell will lose every foothold. Find refuge for your souls in the Act of Love. You only need to have faith and it will cause miracles. The devil would want to diminish everything, yet it never was so great. Receive the sacrament of penance more often! My Heart is ready! It is a time of grace, particularly for sinners. Put your time to good use.

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