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Loads of action and characters that made me go hmm.

Chris Brown - Fallen Angel

I haven't read this author's work before but I must admit I am gonna have to read more. T One pissed off angel. This is said to be a standalone but it feels like it isn't done so I will be taking a look at the next book in the series as well. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for my honest review. This review may contain spoilers. God cast Lucifer from Heaven for going against his views about his love of the human race, his creations.

Fallen Angels Vol 1 1

Meyers takes us on a through the tale of how Lucifer fell from heaven and his fall into hell, creating some of the most terrifying monsters we know today. This novella leaves you wanting to know, wishing it was a full novel. This book is well written with few errors, I had to read some passages of the book twice to understand them but that does nothing against the storytelling that happens and how the story grips into you and all you want is more.

I just love — love — love how we get the scoop on where it all began. This is where the original 12 family members started. His struggle with himself and the way he feels and views the human race. His accidental creation that will forever change the world. Michael, an archangel, wants to rid the world of all evil including Lucifer. If there is one angel that can I just love — love — love how we get the scoop on where it all began.

If there is one angel that can help, save, or even persuade Lucifer. Its Gabriel. Gabriel is another archangel, she sees the good in everyone. She knows Lucifer can be redeemed. He just needs to repent his sins.

Gabriel is determined to help Lucifer see reason and bring him back no matter the cost. What a terrific read! Demons and angels are my favorite characters. I love the writing style, she keeps you entertained the whole journey. Highly recommended to PNR fans! Many Gods are their idols. They kill and rape in their names. It was really different from any other books that I have read, mostly because the main character was Lucifer, but still a really nice and fast read. You think you know the story of the Devil, but you don't.

Fallen Angels

You think it's so easy to see why Lucifer fell, but it's not. He didn't want the throne. He didn't want power. He didn't want much. Lucifer just wanted Love. The most pure emotion to ever exist. God had created it and gifted it to man, but had denied it to his Angels. He claimed they were made out of love, but Lucifer knew better.

13 Best Fallen angel quotes images | Thoughts, Dark angels, Proverbs quotes

He knew God just wanted servants! Dogs to do what God would not do!

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So he challenged him to admit he You think you know the story of the Devil, but you don't. So he challenged him to admit he was wrong. That's all he wanted. And for that, he was cast out. Between Lucifer and his beloved Gabriel. How the pettiness and jealousy of the Archangel Michael sent the Heavens spiraling out of control, and Lucifer on a path that could not be contained.

The beginning of Lucifer's creations and how Hell came to be.

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You have never read an Origin story like this. This one is fantastic, brilliant, and breath-taking. The pages are full of waves of emotional turmoil and heart stopping joy. But when the last page turns, be prepared Right now, Fallen Angel 2: Dawn of Reckoning is available as a novella. So get your hands on it while you can!! Because very very soon, it's going to be a new and improved full length book!!

And you're going to love it!!!

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The author kinda makes you feel sorry for the Devil!! I love that Gabriel never gave up on Lucifer, even though he seems to be his own worst enemy. And this is probably one of the best vampire origin stories ever!! Jun 15, T. I have to say, I really enjoyed this origin novella into the world J. Myers created in her Blood Bound Series. The writing style was fresh and immersive, pulling me into the story right from the beginning.

I very much look forward to reading the rest of books in the series. Nov 21, Arceli rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars , arc , fav , reads , alpha-heroes , angst , fantasy , fav-pnr , angels , bad-boy-romance. I just couldn't put this book down.

Fallen Angels

I just devoured, and devoured. The only thing I am sad about is that I have to wait a while before the next installment gets released. Now, the characters. Lucifer and Gabriel were extremely strong characters. I liked how each of them started developing their own personalities and became stronger when they were apart. Instead of downing in sorrows, both of them tried to be together. And, they weren't passive characters. I liked how their trials in this novel made them stronger.

Resilience of both of them made me fall in love with this novel. Secondly, the romance was extremely realistic. I loved how the writing made you connect with the characters. The poetic sort of way really showed the true emotions both lovers went through.